Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Issue 29 gets put to bed

After a mammoth... and I mean mammoth effort, the whole team has been fighting through flu, chest infections and several boxes of man sized tissues... what is that with "man sized" I mean are they trying to say women can't blow as hard?  We can... trust me!

Anyway I digress,  Issue 29 of the newly retitled Discover Dolls magazine has gone off to the printers. Having been involved in magazine publishing for a few years I can certify it isn't an easy job pulling together a magazine but taking one over and being ill at the same time really is no picnic.

But still it's ready and is due for delivery on Friday this week, so I will have the magazine available at the Brentwood Doll Show.

So what have we got for you in this issue?   Well we have TWO, yes I said TWO exciting competitions.  The cutest knitting pattern and a gorgeous cloth doll to make, as well as lots of news, reviews and feature articles.

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