Friday, 23 March 2012

Finishing Touches!

Artists work so hard on producing realistic beautiful dolls that it has always seems a real shame that at the final moment, the delivery of this artwork ends up being, wrapping it in bubble wrap and shoving it in a non descript box for final delivery to the new Mum. It's always felt just a little bit of a let down for a thing of beauty to travel. 

No one can say that Doll Artists aren't imaginative and innovative.  We are! Our art is constantly evolving and changing, with clever people coming up with new ideas that keeps us all moving forward... and the girls at Precious Little Baby Dust are at the forefront of that constant movement forwards in the industry.

Once again Cassie and Rachel have come up with a new idea that will change things again with their new doll boxes.  Gone are the boring brown boxes, now a box is not just a box, a box is a frame! A box is an enhancement to our finished product! A box is as collectable as the contents!

Precious Little Baby Dust Doll Boxes consist of two boxes, a white inner box with a viewing window, perfect for decoration and personalisation. Jazz up your box and make it a thing of such beauty that your collector wants to keep it just because it looks so nice.  And the second box is a snugly fitting brown box that protects the inner box and its precious contents for travel.

You can purchase the boxes in singles, packs of 5 or packs of 10 direct from the Precious Little Baby Dust site. Precious Little Baby Dust Webstore


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